Majorís Coy., LXIV Regiment of Foot

4504 Governor Hunt Street, Efland, NC 27243

The purpose of the Majorís Company, 64th Regiment of Foot, Ltd. is to provide the general public with a resource which will authentically interpret and enhance the knowledge and understanding of the history of the American Revolution.

We are proud members of a larger organization, the 64th Regiment of Foot as it is recreated, and strive to portray the Major's Company of that Regiment for the period 1775 through 1781. We are family-oriented so that our wives, girlfriends and children can participate with us at events, reflecting the role contributed by the Distaff in the logistical support of an 18th century British regiment. Our effort is to be as historically accurate as is possible in a safe and enjoyable manner. We are ever mindful that we portray part of a Regiment that continues to exist today and therefore our efforts must bring credit, and in no way discredit, to the original and recreated 64th Regiment of Foot.

We consistently strive to help to educate the public into the role of the British Soldier and the 64th Regiment of Foot during the period which we portray. We all love history, reenacting, our friendship with each other and this hobby. If you have the same spirit, the same goals, and are of a like mind, then we welcome you with open arms as a true comrade. If you are interested in joining our Company then please go to the Recruiting section.

Thank you for visiting with us.